V+S Furniere Vertriebs GmbH Christian-Wirth-Str. 17 36043 Fulda, Germany
The   V+S   Furniere   Vertriebs   GmbH   was   founded   on   07/22/1987   from   Mr   Hans-Juergen Vogel   and   Mrs.   Claudia   Schmidt. At   that   time,   the   business   was   located   at   Edelzeller   Str. 110   in   Fulda,   Germany.   Along   with   the   two   general   managers,   the   company   consists   of six   employees   at   that   time.   The   main   production   at   that   time   were   venners   and   jointed veneers   which   were   used   for   the   coffin   industry.   In   1988   the   portfolio   was   expanded   with wood. Additionally   to   that,   venner   edges   were   introduces   to   become   part   of   the   inventory in 1990. On   11/28/1992   the   company   moved   into   the   new   built   offices   and   warehouse   in   Christian- Wirth-Strasse   17   in   Fulda,   Germany.   The   company   kept   expanding   and   extended   the inventory for panels, parquet and laminate. In   2013,   Mrs   Claudia   Schmidt   left   the   company,   leaving   Mr.   Hans-Juergen   Vogel   as   sole general manager. Today,   V+S   Furniere   Vertriebs   GmbH   consists   of   ten   employees,   which   are   available   for you to answer your questions and advise you in any problem you might face. We   are   here   to   help   you   in   case   you   have   any   questions   or   concerns.   Just   ask   us   or contact us here . We are looking forward to assist you.